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Checking Out all that Cadiz Offers

Cadiz city is famous for its historical monuments that stem from a long legend since 1100 B.C. Cadiz is located at the end of a narrow peninsular which juts into the Atlantic Ocean on the east.

Ancient legend

Cadiz, by legend, was founded by Hercules but it was really the Phoenicians who were the first settlers to make this spot the oldest European habitation. Then the Carthaginians came with the Romans following close; the Visigoths and the Moors came and went after that until the 18th century when Cadiz bloomed as an important Spanish trade center with the emergence of the New World. A lot of neo-classical buildings took shape at this period.

Cadiz has become a busy port with its old town centre positioned by a resplendent Nueva Cathedral yellow dome. This Baroque-style cathedral was constructed in 1722 but only finished in 1853 due to a lack of funds. An existing crypt holds the tomb of Manuel de Falla who was a famous composer.

There is also the famous Cadiz Museum of 3 floors that display the great paintings of Rubens, Zurbaran and Murillo. Many Roman, Phoenician and Greek ancient artifacts are also on display; these were excavated from various places in the province. Cortes Museum in Cadiz traces the town’s history in a failed establishment of a new 1812 democratic constitution as Spain was at war with France.

Beach galore

Cadiz’s main beach is Playa de la Caleta; it is near the old town with a scenic environment in the evenings with mighty dragon trees in spotlights. This beach was used in filming a James Bond movie with actress Halle Berry emerging out of the ocean.

Playa de la Caleta is very crowded in the summer; hence, many tourists move over to Playa de la Victoria for some quiet sunbathing opportunities. There is a vibrant nightlife in Cadiz with plenty of bars, discos and clubs near the harbor.

Cadiz fiestas

There are many fiestas which are celebrated throughout the year. February holds one of the largest fiestas in Spain. The celebrations for each fiesta are very elaborate with costumes, music, dancing and revelry. Some Spanish fiestas can last up to 10 days with parades, processions, fancy dress displays, competitions and concerts.

Spanish fiestas in location espagne piscine Cadiz seem like carnivals which attract thousands of tourists across Andalucia and Europe. Hotel rooms and all sorts of accommodation are quickly snapped up unless they are booked in advance.

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Amazing Ancient Marbella Monuments

Marbella is situated close to Sierra Blanca Mountains with plenty of interesting and historical monuments which date back as far as the Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages. These pieces were unearthed on the mountainsides with recent discoveries dating back to 7th century Phoenician and Punic presence in Rio Real surroundings.

Hence, Marbella is a treasure trove as far as historical relics and monuments are concerned. The city is full of intrigue and mystery with a rich history that is so mesmerizing to the locals and tourists.

Past Presence

One can easily identify the presence of the Roman Empire with the numerous Roman structures in the municipality such as the Roman Villa and Roman Thermal Baths. The old town or ancient quarter holds many varied discoveries on the Roman influence.

Not withstanding is the Visigoth presence in Marbella with the palaces and castles such as the Christian Basilica that has only one construction with double apse.

A lot of Arabic influence is also found in Marbella with Moorish castles and mosques with impressive Moorish architecture.


One of the most impressive monuments in Marbella is the Castle although it is in ruins today. The remnants are located in the historic town centre which depicted the Muslim era which was once present in Marbella. During that era, Marbella served as an important city in Málaga province with the Muslim fortifications covering 90,000 sq. m.

Meanwhile, there is the Rio Verde Roman village whose remains were dated back to 18th century. There is left a patio with pillars and 12 rooms that were positioned to shine light into the inner rooms in the building.

One of the popular spots in Marbella is the old town; this is a highly recommended tourist spot known as the casco antiguo. The remains were discovered during the 16th century with very good preservation.

The streets are lively and vibrant with the local crowd and tourists who transformed this place to be a popular commercial centre.

Old churches display the best of architecture like the Incarnation church which is a very famous monument in Marbella. The church was originally built in 1618 with a refurbishment in 1712 and 1756 with a new front sculpture.

Vega del Mar Basilica

The location espagne piscine Vega del Mar Basilica is Visigothic in its 6th century style. This unique church is among a group of church buildings with two apses facing east and west. This Basilica has a necropolis surrounding it which made it an important link to the confirmation of the Paleolithic era.

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Club Villamar offers many holiday villas dispersed all over villa calella and whether on the location villa begur. Holiday in Spain offers not only freedom but also a wide choice a vacation holiday in Spain.

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There are great places for spending great times in Spain

Spain has lots of attractive places in its cities, villages and towns. There are places in Spain holding natural beauty that are not yet discovered publically. The country is counted among the best tourist countries for the same reasons. A visitor should have a list of top places of Spain at hand before visiting so that nothing misses out.

One of the most amazing temples in Spain is La Sagrada Familia. This temple gives a perfect appearance of medieval cathedral and its worth paying a visit. Another place that should be visited in all conditions is the Marvel. It is located inside Alhambra in Grenada. It is one of the best buildings made in the Islamic era of Spain. There are courtyards, gardens, wooden ceilings and some fine artistic work in display at that place.

The famous mosque of Cordoba should be visited. It is one of the finest looking mosques even today. There are red and white colored arches in this mosque along with golden mosaics. It reminds of the era when Christians, Jews and the Muslims used to live together in Spain. The mosque is an important place for history lovers as well as religious people. The city of Seville should be visited in the times of Easter. There is a famous festival that lasts for a week and ends on the Easter Sunday. It is known as Semana Santa and it is the most celebrated festival of Spain.

The most amazing mountains in the country are Sierra Nevada and they should be visited. As far as the best staying places are concerned then they are the Paradors. Most of these are located in Granada and Ronda. They are luxurious, auspicious and they give a wonderful royal feeling that cannot be enjoyed otherwise. Good aspect is that they are owned by state and they are usually not expensive for staying.

The best beaches of Spain are located in villa en espagne Menorca. They include Cala en Turqueta, Cala Macarelleta and few others. Toledo is beautiful and it should be visited. It has beautiful streets, plazas and it’s historical. It is very much similar to some of the Middle Eastern cities in various aspects. It is often regarded as a city of three faiths as Christians, Muslims and Jews used to live together in it. All three of these religions have left remarkable influences on the city. Similarly the city of Segovia should be visited.

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Mojacar Tourist Guide - Costa de Almeria (Spain)

Mojacar is a very interesting place located in the area of Costa de Almeria as it has two completely opposite parts; Mojacar Pueblo which is a traditional village located at the top of a hill and Mojacar Playa which is a modern and trendy beach resort. Mojacar Pueblo is a beautiful village with many attractions for the visitors like narrow and steep roads, plenty of flowers around the white washed houses of the village and this makes the scenery a perfectly natural picture. This village remains busy with the visitors in the day time, so you can also visit it in the evening to best enjoy the beauty in peace and silence.

Mojacar has a long historical background as variety of nations ruled this place including the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, African and Romans but the town got a real thrive during the Moorish rule. In 1488, Mojacar was re-occupied by the Christians and they also led the economy grow until the mid of the 19th century when there was drought and starvation occurred in the entire region and the population of the town decreased. But before fifty years, number of authors and artists developed a community here and it was revival period in the growth of the town and it also helped to flourish the tourism in the area.

Plaza Nueva Town Square is situated in the middle of Mojacar Pueblo location espagne piscine and from this square you can have some very beautiful and amazing views of the Sierra Cabrera hilly range and Mediterranean Sea. La Fuente Mora is the famous fountain built during the Moorish rule over the town and this place has a historical importance for various reasons as well. There are many monuments of the Moorish rule, still present in the town like Puerta de la Almendina which is the city gate built in the 15th century and Santa Maria Church which was constructed here in the 14th century on the site of an old Moorish fort.

Mojacar Playa is the famous beach resort in the town and has many attractions for the visitors of all ages. There are many restaurants and cafes which can provide you the local and international both cuisines like Chinese, Indian, Mexican, French and American. There are many discos and night clubs in the resort to offer the variety of night life activities. There are many shops, boutiques, supermarkets, pharmacies and banks in the commercial area of the resort to facilitate the visitors.

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Costa Teguise Tourist Guide - Lanzarote (Spain)

Costa Teguise is located along the southern coast of Lanzarote and at a distance of four miles from the city of Arrecife. This is a purpose-built resort and a lot of development has taken place in Costa Teguise during the last three decades. Originally this resort was constructed as a luxury destination for royal families but in later years, this resort has emerged as a famous family resort. This part of Spain is a favorite place for wind surfers as a lot of strong breezes blows in the area throughout the year.

There are four very good sandy beaches in Costa Teguise and the biggest one is the Playa las Cucharas which covers an area of six hundred yards. This beach is also known for hosting the famous Windsurfing Cup in the month of July each year. Playa Los Charcos is comparatively smaller and covers an area of one hundred and fifty yards with some very fine white sand and clean water. Other beaches are Playa Jablillo and Playa Bastin which are smaller and more shelteredbeaches.

Costa Teguise is the only water park located near Lanzarote and has all kinds of entertainment activities for children like slides and other rides in the specific areas designated only for small kids. You can also visit the Costa Teguise Golf course which is located near the water park, which has eighteen quality holes and a number of palm trees. This golf park is a very good place for golf lovers as it remains open throughout the year and is kept in a very fine condition. You can also have some amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean from the green fairways of this golf club.

Nightlife in Costa Teguise is very vibrant but only in the vacation season and all these activities are focused in the area around the Plaza Pueblo Marinero, where a number of bars and pubs are located. The restaurants in Costa Teguise cater more to the preferences and requirements of English customers but you will also find some exceptional restaurants as well like Salinas Luxury Hotel, El Pescador and La Taberna del Graciosa which have some very good local food.

The Lagomar Restaurant location espagne piscine is another great place for extraordinarily good dining and it is conveniently located near the Costa Teguise resort. The architecture of the restaurant is amazing as it constructed in the form of a real cave and is located at the edge of the cliff.

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Club Villamar offers many holiday villas dispersed all over villa denia and whether on the location tossa. Holiday in Spain offers not only freedom but also a wide choice a vacation holiday in Spain.

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